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PRESCHOOL walking-3yrs

Our preschool gymnastics, and parent tot programs are a great way to introduce your child to an active and healthy lifestyle.  Our classes will enhance your child's coordination, balance, motor and social skills in a fun, safe and structured environment.

GYMNASTICS & TUMBLING 3*yrs-high school

Our recreational classes are designed for both boys and girls that cater to all skills levels and groups.  Our program provides appropriate challenges to students of all ages and ability levels.  Our guided lesson plans help students develop skills by breaking down the learning process with stations and drills to help them feel success during the various stages of learning.  *Note: Students must be potty trained to enter independent classes. 

gymnastics and tumbling

CHEERLEADING 5yrs-high school

Our recreational cheerleading program is designed to offer a fun, inclusive learning environment and to inspire your child's love for cheerleading and team sports. Our program offers a fall sideline cheerleading for the MCCS Warhawks Tackle football teams and a
Spring Basket ball cheer & Show Team program that focuses on performance style cheerleading.  Our athletes work on strength, flexibility, tumbling, stunting, dancing and routine development. Highly experienced Cheerleading Worlds and National Champion coaches.


DANCE 3yrs-high school

Our recreational dance program introduces students to a variety of concepts while developing fitness and motor skills, coordination, elegance, artistic expression, creativity, confidence, and appreciation for the arts.  We offer Preschool Creative Movement (3-4 yrs, ballet (5-8 yrs) Teams explore various styles of dance. Kids are welcome to join us to express themselves through the art of dance.


Run, jump, climb and learn to tumble!

Our awesome Ninjanastics classees encompasses the fundamentals and coordination of gymnastics, the discipline and beginning gymnastics fundamentals using awesome obstacle course training.

Beyond the skills, our curriculum teaches

  • Confidence

  • Discipline

  • Respect

  • Friendship

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