By choosing to enroll your child for classes through American Spirit Athletics, you are responsible for payment of the registration and class tuition reserved for your child/children until the date of cancellation.  This allows us to offer special military pricing in our communities.


  • The $25 single student registration fee is due upon initial enrollment and on your anniversary date thereafter.


  • See class schedule for details and times/locations.  Not all classes are held at both locations.

  • Class sessions are monthly. Student remains enrolled and tuition is due on the 25th of the month for the upcoming month to keep priority spot.

  • We offer a generous military community discount: Tuition is billed monthly and rates are reflective of a three week month. However the majority of the months are four weeks. 

  • Holidays and breaks are accounted for in the tuition structure.

  • No make ups for missed classes (due to discount schedule.)  Unanticipated gym/studio closings will result in a make up day on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

  • Single student multi-class discount is $20%. Sibling discount is $10 off their class.


  • For the safety of all, students and parents/guardians should wait in the lobby until called in for class.

  • Current COVID guidelines require all parents to wait outside. No lobby entrance/gathering.

  • Doors will be kept open where there is not window viewing during COVID Guidelines.


  • Parents/guardians please relax in the lobby if you choose to stay.  

  • Current COVID guidelines require all parents to wait outside. No lobby entrance/gathering.


  • Prompt pick up is required.

  • Student may not wait outside. Parents must come up to pick up student. 

  • Walking home is not encouraged.  We will not release young students to walk home.

Water Required

  • Food and beverage not permitted in they gym except for CLEAR water in closed container.

  • Due to COVID-19 precautions water fountains may not be available. Students are required to bring their own water bottle, clearly labeled with their name.

ILLNESS-student information is private.

  • Please excuse your child from class if they are ill.  Students exhibiting signs of illness or Common COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted in class.

  • If you child has experienced head lice, please inform us so we can take necessary precaution.

DRESS CODE-See FAQ page for more details

  • Tumbling:  A leotard or fitted -shirt/tank (sport bra encouraged.)

  • Cheer:  Fitted shirt/tank (sport bra encouraged,) athletic sneakers.

  • Dance: appropriate attire for class type and dance shoes

  • Ninja:  Offical Ninja Kidz™ uniform (Ninja T-shirt, Ninja wrist band black shorts/ athletic pant)

  • Safety note:  No jewelry, or street clothes.  Long hair up secured away from face.